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Key dates 2011/2012

28 Oct 11
- 1st Quarter Jul-Sept 11

28 Feb 12
- 2nd Quarter Oct-Dec 11

28 Apr 12

- 3rd Quarter Jan-Mar 12

28 Jul 12
- 4th Quarter Apr-June 12

* Four week extensions may be available if lodged by PaperChase Bookkeeping effective 1st July 2010

28 Oct 11
28 Jan 12
28 Apr 12
28 Jul 12

We have used PaperChase Bookkeeping for three years for the purpose of reviewing and upgrading our bookkeeping processes and providing a high level audit service. The PCB team’s knowledge of MYOB and overall attention to detail has enabled them to liaise effectively with our Accountant, identify issues within our current processes, and through an open consultation process offer valid and practical solutions for many these. As a result our reporting procedures and knowledge have been significantly improved, and we have a better handle on how our business is performing.

Director, Outback Ecology Services
Environmental Consultants to the Mining Industry

PaperChase Bookkeeping (PCB) has given us peace of mind. Using their unique “Health Check” procedures they identified issues within our accounts that we were blissfully unaware of, then consulted direct with our Accountant to get us back on track. Thanks PCB!

Sylvia Marina
Mastery in Theta International
International Educator & Conference Speaker

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