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Key dates 2011/2012

28 Oct 11
- 1st Quarter Jul-Sept 11

28 Feb 12
- 2nd Quarter Oct-Dec 11

28 Apr 12

- 3rd Quarter Jan-Mar 12

28 Jul 12
- 4th Quarter Apr-June 12

* Four week extensions may be available if lodged by PaperChase Bookkeeping effective 1st July 2010

28 Oct 11
28 Jan 12
28 Apr 12
28 Jul 12

Click here to launch Bookkeeper-Client Connect

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What is Bookkeeper-Client Connect?

You can send us your accounting data files securely utilising “Bookkeeper-Client Connect”. This is a unique facility that we can access, as part of our Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) membership, which allows us and our clients to securely transfer computer files that are either too large or too sensitive to be sent by email. Each of our clients can be set up with their own unique username and password. “Bookkeeper-Client Connect” minimises the downtime, travel and storage costs associated with more traditional means of exchanging files.

Can't remember your user name or password?
Contact us at info@pcbookkeeping.com.au

We will send you an email with your user name and password.
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